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CMT – 47 tr is for balancing rotors of all types of car turbines in two correction planes.

The machine is used in the first stage of turbine reconditioning. It is characterized by high measuring accuracy and stability due to application of?Polymer Technology? in machine?s housing – the machine?s housing is made of polymer. CMT ? 47 tr has been designed for dynamic balancing of rotor after removing it from the bearing housing.


CMT – 48 VSR twin: core assembly balancing machine

CMT- 48 VSR twin balancing machine is used for checking and balancing of turbocharger core assemblies (CHRA). Working conditions of turbochargers are similar to those of combustion engine: turbine`s rotor is driven by compressed air and bearings are supplied with hot oil and pressure similar to those of a combustion engine. This machine combines two balancing units. The unit on the left is for high speed balancing of turbocharger core assemblies for usual passenger cars. The unit on the right side is for balancing turbocharger core assemblies from trucks and vans. It is although possible to scan turbine sealing (oil leakage) of every turbine. This machine is equipped with modern measurement unit ROTORTEST 610 and is constructed to balance and check nearly every turbocharger.

An integral part of the machine is ROTORTEST 610 measuring unit with Advantech industrial touch screen. It is connected to laser printer for printing balancing reports. Measuring unit also enables to save data via USB port and Ethernet

CMT ? 48 VSR: passenger cars core assembly balancing machine

CMT?48 VSR is for balancing core assemblies of turbochargers.

 The machine is used in the second stage of turbine reconditioning. It is characterized by high measuring accuracy and efficiency. CMT ? 48 VSR is used for checking whether there is any unwanted dynamic phenomenon of the rotor at nominal speed of the turbine e.g. flexural of shaft by moment of force. Balancing process is performed by comparison of selected parameters of vibrations to values specified by turbocharger manufacturers as boundary values of these parameters. Software suggests position and amount of correction mass to be removed.

Turbine acceleration is done by the use of compressed air. It enables to achieve rotation speed up to 250.000 rpm/min. Measurement process lasts just for approximately four seconds. As a result of measuring process, graph of vibration characteristics is displayed.


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